Chance Bridge Partners is a specialist law firm that excels in delivering advanced corporate, commercial, and financial legal solutions. We pride ourselves in providing expert technical service while maintaining an acute commercial awareness. Our approach to business is sustainable, professional, and personal and we believe that success is defined in numerous ways.

Located in Beijing but with a global commitment, Chance Bridge stands as a reliable and ethical partner in China to our clients. We distinguish ourselves through a firm culture that is defined by teamwork, initiative, innovation, and commitment to those we serve. We are well-trusted and regularly partner with leading global law firms on cross-border transactions and other deals.

We collaborate with other firms and organisations through the use of integrated teams. We believe that local and international global firms can provide the best expertise in their respective geographical regions or areas of specialization. By integrating other legal experts into Chance Bridge’s teams, we help clients receive the highest quality of legal advice, at a competitive cost, and with utmost efficiency and clarity.

Three key features to our approach differentiate us: our client-focus, our multiculturalism, and our innovative thinking.

We place the utmost importance in understanding, anticipating, and satisfying their needs. This drive prompts us to be flexible and accommodating to our clients’ unique circumstances and to provide cumstom-tailored solutions.


We are multicultural. As a Chinese law firm, we have built up the network, capabilities and knowledge necessary to succeed in China. This local expertise is complemented by our sophisticated international practice and supporting staff. This diversity enables us to better understand our clients’ objectives as well as their unstated assumptions.

Our innovation stems from our expertise in PRC Law, understanding our clients’ fundamental objectives, and our ability to deploy our success strategy across situations. This ability is further supported by our firm culture and our focus on continuous improvement for the sake of our clients.

Every client is a partner for us. Because our success depends upon delivering exceptional legal solutions and thereby facilitating clients’ businesses, we enter into client relationships with a long-term view and a genuine concern for their welfare. 



Chance Bridge focuses on developing its team, expertise, and presence in China. For work that requires both international work and local expertise in all regions of China, we partner with the best global and local firms in their respective jurisdictions. 

Through the course of normal business, we have come to work regularly with a number of international and regional firms. The foundation of these relationships is an agreed philosophy based on the paramount importance of the client, as well as providing the highest quality legal advice and seamless service. 

Features that mark our international approach include:
•   a solid history of cooperation
•   a program of legal and non-legal cross-secondments between firms
•   joint training programs
•   frequent lawyer exchange programs and in-house desks
For each international project, by working together as one integrated team, we draw on longstanding relationships to bring together individuals with the relevant knowledge and background to provide the optimum legal expertise for that particular transaction.

Chance Bridge is a commercial law firm that provides top-tier services and advice in China on cross-border transactions with a Chinese element. We approach regional projects in China in a manner similar to how we collaborate with our international partners, and usually integrate members from the Sino-Global Legal Alliance (SGLA) . By integrating experts from regional firms into our teams, we provide more oversight and ensure that clients receive superior legal advice and solutions no matter where in China they pursue their activities.

This strategy also allows us to provide clients with valuable resources, such as relationships with local authorities, which would otherwise be unavailable and can greatly assist in the success of our clients’ business ventures. Cities from which we routinely integrate experts into our practice teams to assist with local requirements include: Tianjin, Jinan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Kunming, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Dalian, Changsha, Xi‘an and Lanzhou. 

On each transaction, whether international or domestic, a lead partner will be the primary client contact and manager of the project.

The lead partner will be responsible for assembling a team which:
•   Consists of the most suitable people with the relevant skills and mentality
•   Is based in, and at the top of the business and financial community of, the relevant jurisdictions
•   Works together as a single unit with clear lines of responsibility
•   Delivers valuable solutions at a competitive cost
•   Renders (if requested) a single bill covering all the jurisdictions
We work with the lawyers in each jurisdiction who we consider to have the best expertise and contacts for the particular project. Our relationships are not exclusive and we are happy to work with clients’ existing legal advisors, if preferred.

Leading Edge – The firm as a whole stays up to date with the latest legal developments, best practices, and the commercial environment through team-based research in addition to individual study. Our teams systematically and continuously monitor and research relevant developments in order to ensure that everyone within the firm stays well-informed. This practice is carried out not only intra-practice groups, but also within the firm as a whole.Through this, everyone efficiently stays on top of the most important issues that could affect our clients and the methods we use to provide solutions to them.
Resources – With access to the leading online legal databases from around the world and a substantial library within the firm, our lawyers readily have in-depth resources at their fingertips. These external resources are coupled with a proprietary knowledge management system Chance Bridge utilizes. This system, supported by internal managers and the full commitment of the firm, collects the most critical and complex knowledge of our senior lawyers and makes it available in an efficient manner to the rest of the firm.
Culture – We are structured and efficient and yet also supportive to one another; we openly and willingly share our ideas; we are passionate about what we do but also value a balanced lifestyle and a broad diversity of interests; all of us, even the most junior associates, have a focus on results and our clients; we have a positive and open working environment that is neither judgmental nor political; and we value commitment, work ethic, and attitude in our employees.
Programs – Chance Bridge commits a significant amount of resources to its continuing professional development programs because we believe that rigorous training from leading practitioners combined with great experience is the fastest way to build expertise. These programs include:
•  International Exchange Program – we value international experience not only from a professional point of view because it helps to introduce different perspectives and best practices, but we also value it because of the amazing personal experience involved with living in a foreign country. As part of this program, a number of our associates exchange places with associates in our international partner firms for a period of six to twelve months. During these exchanges, associates are involved in delivering China-related business and legal solutions from around the world. Outside the office, the associates often travel in the region, explore the country’s culture, improve in a secondary, tertiary, or quaternary language, form new connections, and gain rich experiences.
•  Legal Training – This program lies at the heart of Chance Bridge’s mission to cultivate leading legal talent in a multi-specialist manner. As part of the program, associates are trained in and exposed to some of the most complex and leading issues in each practice area by a variety of partners and outside experts. Besides gaining knowledge on practical legal matters, another main objective of the program is to assist associates to strengthen their abilities in analyzing complex issues, deciphering which parts are crucial and interdependent, and offering holistic and integrated solutions.
•  English Training – Chance Bridge has an English training program. As part of this program, associates develop their presentation skills, knowledge of legal terms, and general familiarity with commercial speech in English.