Compliance and reorganization

Chance Bridge Partners has rich practical experience in the practice areas of Corporate compliance, M&A, liquidation reforms and Labor disputes etc. within multiple industries. We possess the ability to effectively prevent and control the legal risks associated with daily business activities, taking into account clients’ industry background, and the ability to provide legal services of the highest quality, for mergers and acquisitions and disposal of non-performing assets, which effectively and promptly respond to market information.
We advise on a range of issues, including:
Corporate compliance
--Issues of Contract drafting, and enterprise establishment;
--Company ownership structure and corporate control; corporate by laws; rights and duties of shareholders, directors, and supervisors; management system design, and management risk control, etc.;
--Consultation on the legality, feasibility, legal risks, and strategy of major business managerial decisions, negotiations, drafting of contracts, and contractual risk management;
--Due diligence and optimal design of equity incentives, planning of the implementation process, drafting of incentive plans, and relevant agreements and systems, and guidance throughout the whole implementation process.
--Equity replacement, the acquisition and disposal of public & private sectors, proposal and designing of joint venture transactions, strategic alliances, divestitures and non-performing assets,mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring;
--Providing legal services for enterprises, restructurer, shareholders and other third party stakeholders;
--Planning of corporate restructuring;
--Business acquisition financing;
--Designing holding company structure, due diligence, and drafting agreements for corporate restructuring;
-- Integration of transaction-related legal services
Bankruptcy and Reorganization
--Legal services for agent-related litigation of bankruptcy proceedings, drafting credit and debt inventory, liquidation of debtor’s property, in addition to the whole process of bankruptcy liquidation;
--Chance Bridge partners recognizes the importance of corporate restructuring as a tool to save distressed companies from bankruptcy
--We have developed strong skills in helping distressed companies find and meet strategic investors; coordinating the key interests of the parties; expanding channels for financing; and developing practical reorganization plans to promote the company’s successful reorganization and rehabilitation.
Labor Dispute
--Combing labor management process, rules and regulations;
--Optimization and designing of payment structure, reviewing protocol compliance;
--Dismissal compensation, work-related injuries compensation, executive and employee work-related injuries, and other special employee management and labor dispute resolution;
--Employment relationship transferring and commercial issues of M&A transactions.