Capital Markets

Chance Bridge’s capital markets team has a wealth of experience in working with stocks, bonds, mergers & acquisitions, structured financing, securitization, and derivatives. Chance Bridge tailors solutions to each client’s industry, business model and unique situation in order to ensure smooth and successful transactions.
Services in this area include:
Issuing and Listing Securities
Chance Bride provides legal services to issuers and underwriters for the issuance of both domestic and overseas stocks and bonds. Chance Bridge provides legal advice throughout the entire process by conducting thorough due diligence investigations in order to provide sound legal advice on how to meet the conditions necessary for an issuance and providing continuing legal advice until the process is complete.
Chance Bridge provides legal services in the following areas:
•  Domestic and overseas IPOs
•  Domestic and overseas bond issuance and listing
•  Refinancing of listed companies
•  Periodic information disclosure and legal services for listed companies
•  Listing and financing on the “New Third Board”
•  Management incentives and employee stock option planning
•  Other securities law related matters
Mergers & Acquisitions
Chance Bridge provides legal services for both domestic and overseas equity and asset M&A transactions. Using our rich experience in market access, corporate governance, capital market disclosure and legal compliance, anti-monopoly review and intellectual property related M&A issues. Chance Bridge is able to navigate the complexities of the current legal environment in order to close deals.
Services in this area include:

•  Listed/unlisted company mergers and acquisitions
•  Listed/unlisted company asset reorganizations
•  Listed/unlisted company stocks transfers
•  Listed/unlisted company combinations and divisions
Chance Bridge provides legal services for promoters, investment managers, sellers, trustees, underwriters and buyers for various types of financial asset securitization projects.

Services in this area include:

•  Designing transaction structure
•  Due diligence investigations regarding originators and related properties
•  Drafting and review of legal documents
•  Providing legal opinions
Private Equity & Venture Capital
Chance Bridge provides legal services for clients and offers creative investment structures and solutions to meet the client demands.

Services in this area include:
•  Designing investment and financing structures
•  Drafting legal documents for investment and financing
•  Participating in negotiations and due diligence
•  Designing management incentives and employee stock option plans

•  Assisting in the completion of registrations with and obtaining approvals from government authorities