Construction and Real Estate

Chance Bridge’s Construction and Real Estate Group provides frequent, professional, and comprehensive legal service for a number of real estate companies. Our service involve land development, investment and financing, marketing, and property management of real estate for normal commercial housing, indemnificatory housing, commercial property, city complex, city public transportation, and above ground structures.
We offer legal service in following areas:
Land Collection and Development We conduct preliminary investigations and analyze legal risk prior to the purchase and development of collective land.  In obtaining the right to develop collective land, we help our clients with the various approvals needed, such as administrative approvals for land-use and programming. In addition, we assist in the design of blue prints, drafting and reviewing bidding documents, etc.
Demolition Compensation and Resettlement We assist our clients in the creation of compensation and resettlement plans. With respect to demolition, we analyze the legal risks involved, deal with emergencies, and handle disputes that arise both before and after the demolition.
Real Estate Investment and Financing Real estate investment and financing is becoming more common in China.  We assist our clients by providing services for the purchase, transfer, and development of real estate projects.  We are skilled at drawing up and reviewing financing plans and documents as well as thoroughly evaluating legal risks and conducting due diligence.
Real Estate Development We assist our clients set up special purpose vehicles for real-estate projects. In order to ensure a smooth process, we draw up project plans in advance and apply for administrative approvals for land-use, operation, and construction. We also advise our clients as to how to avoid risks, such as those associated with planning and design changes, and deal with disputes.
Construction Management Over many years of experience, our team has developed deep expertise in the area of construction management. In the preliminary stages, we help our clients mitigate risk by verifying the legal qualifications of construction enterprises. For the selection of contractors, designers, and other partners, we set up bidding and enforcement plans, review construction contracts, and build risk-evaluation regimes. After the contracts have been signed, we help with enforcement and coordinate the rights, duties, and liabilities of the developer, contractor, supervisor, and designer.
Real Estate Marketing Our team plays an important role in real-estate marketing.  With respect to advertising, we advise our clients as how to avoid legal risks. In addition, we draft and review sales contracts and other relevant legal documents. After a sale is completed, we assist our clients in the process of handing over both residential and commercial buildings to buyers. We also advise on the risks associated with possible disputes between buyers of adjacent plots or among numerous buyers and handle disputes as they arise.
Property Management We provide legal services related to both real estate and public transportation such as drafting and reviewing contracts for preliminary and formal property management. We also assist our clients in negotiation, verifying the legal qualifications of property management enterprises, and harmonizing the early stage relationship. Most importantly, we help our clients control costs and handle disputes related to issues such as the quality of housing.
Public Transportation Building, Operating and Management In this area, we offer our clients professional and thorough service on various types of financing (such as TOT, BT, BOT, and PPP) as well as intelligent management.  We also supply our clients with high quality service in the areas of project planning, risk control, and negotiation for public transportation projects both before and after they are operational.  In addition, we provide services for property management, above ground structures, and land use related to public transportation.
Our highly professional team has rich experience in construction and real estate.  By keeping our clients objectives at the forefront of our efforts and taking a holistic view, we provide our clients with diverse, professional, and realistic solutions and advice.