Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are rights to the fruits of intellectual activities. Due to technological innovation and development, intellectual property rights have increasingly diversified and become a major competitive advantage element, a key factor for profit generation to an enterprise, as well as a mean to enhance competitiveness and the protection of the infringement of the competitors. Especially in the past years of China fast economic development, competition has become fiercing in domestic as well as international markets. Legal services in the field of intellectual property rights have become extremely valuable, and are often considered to be indispensable tools for success.
Chance Bridge Partners has established a top-level team of intellectual property experts, who not only have deep knowledge of the legal aspects, but also hands-on R&D experience in technical issues in hi-tech industries. Our intellectual property team is committed to provide our clients with comprehensive professional advice, in order to help them maximize the value of their intellectual property assets.
Chance Bridge Partner’s intellectual property services include:
Patents: Patent applications, patent transfers, invalidity of patents, license filings, etc;  
Trademarks: Trademark applications, trademark transfer applications, license agreements, renewal applications, dissent applications, etc.;
Copyright: Copyright (including software) registrations, etc.;
Trade secrets: Trade secret protection regulations, etc.;
Dispute resolution: Infringement actions (litigation and arbitration), administrative remedies, criminal defenses etc.;
Registration for Hi-Tech Enterprise status: National level and major local cities;
Intellectual property management strategies: Consolidation of IP portfolios, devise IP strategies for the commercial development of the enterprise;
Due diligence: Drafting and review of intellectual property licensing and transfer agreements, drafting and review of intellectual property-related employment contracts and confidentiality agreements, classification and evaluation of IP assets, reverse due diligence for potential investors and potential technical cooperation partners (interdisciplinary teams will work on large-scale due diligence cases).
Our intellectual property team always listens diligently to our clients’ requests and analyzes thoroughly their needs, providing high-quality legal services with efficient as well as effective solutions. We not only strive to protect your intellectual property, we are committed to optimize your IP portfolio’s value.