Dispute Resolution

Despite the best intentions of all parties, disagreements still occur. Chance Bridge’s dispute resolution practice has gained our clients’ respect for delivering exceptional results in these situations. Chance Bridge’s primary aim is to help clients in China avoid litigation whenever possible. However, when this is not possible, we employ the full resources of the firm to skillfully and aggressively seek the rights of our clients.
Chance Bridge specializes in resolving large, complex and high-value disputes and we aim to minimize risks by assessing potential legal, commercial and reputation damage that could result from a dispute. As a PRC law firm, we can act where foreign law firms cannot (foreign law firms are not allowed to officially practice Chinese law and therefore cannot represent clients before a People’s Court of the PRC). Because of this, we frequently take on litigation cases in cooperation with many well-recognized international law firms. We have extensive experience in handling large claims as well as engaging in complex, high value fraud and asset tracing work and obtaining injunction to, among other things, freeze assets. Our lawyers have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to obtain awards on clients’ behalves.   
Litigation is no longer the only process to seek legal remedies and our lawyers area also skilled in utilizing alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and expert determinations, to resolve disputes in the most efficient manner. A number of the firm’s partners acting are standing members of the China Arbitration Association, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, and other international arbitration bodies and, as such, we can help clients avoid litigation when doing so is advantageous to them and see that they receive expert representation before arbitration panels.
Some areas of dispute resolution where we represent clients are:
Shareholder and other corporate issues — shareholder antonymous or anonymous investment, share rights and identity of shareholder dispute[Not sure what this means.], shareholder protection and derivative action and governance structure
Commercial and contractual dispute – sales, purchases, JVs, partnerships, projects, investment, services and supply and distribution agreements
Construction projects — building contracts, procurement and installment, design, contract supervision, construction quality, project delay and construction payment
Banking and financing — real estate mortgage loans, asset-backed loans, unsecured loans, leveraged loans, syndicated loans, financial products and private equity
Insolvency and recapitalization — debt restructuring, corporate liquidation and insolvency
Employment — labor contracts, confidential agreements, conflict of interests and non-compete agreement
Our Dispute Resolution team understands how important it is to correctly asses our clients’ objectives, offer creative and viable options, and then deliver solutions efficiently and effectively. With particular excellence in resolving conflicts in China, we partner with some of the leading global law firms to deliver on-the-ground results and protect our clients’ interests in a vital market.