Mr. Lunt visited Chance Bridge Partners


Mr. Lunt, President of Lunt Capital Management, Inc. visited Chance Bridge Partners On May 9, 2015.

Mr. Lunt met with Ms. Zhu and Mr. Nathan to discuss the state of China’s capital markets from a legal perspective. The discussion covered topics ranging from the best ways to invest in China to the protections provided by the Chinese legal system. The discussion also covered both how American investors view the Chinese legal system and how the Chinese legal system actually works in practice. Overall, it was a wide ranging and fruitful discussion.

Lunt Capital Management, Inc. is an SEC registered advisor, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lunt Capital offers a variety of unique, rules-based, tactically managed investment strategies for a range of investment objectives, from conservative to aggressive. These investment strategies are available to individual investors as well as third-party asset management solutions to financial advisors. 
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