Italian CBA Lawyers Delegation holds a seminar in Chance Bridge Partners


On the 18th of October 2016, the Italian CBA Lawyers' Delegation held a seminar on "Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Placement" in the conference room of Chance Bridge Partners in Beijing.

The seminar was attended by representatives of Chance Bridge Partners, headed by its managing partner Ms. Ning Zhu.

 The Italian CBA is a merger of Camozzi Bonissoni Varrenti & Associati and Studio Associato LCA - Avvocatie Commercialisti d'Impresa. CBA has established close relationships with a number of foreign law firms and also relies on an international network. CBA fully integrates its resources both in Italy and internationally and has over 120 professionals in offices in Milan, Rome, Padova, Venice and Munich. The members of the 3-person delegation included Ms. Chiara Chiosi, Mr. Bonissoni and Professor Cao.
Ms. Chiara Chiosi gave a detailed account of the key points and specificities of Italian Mergers & Acquisitions and private placement, and explained in detail the differences between the Italian market and the markets in China and other countries. She also expertly handled questions posed by members of the attendees.
Overall, the seminar was conducted in a pleasant and relaxed manner, with representatives of both sides joining for photographs in the lobby of Chance Bridge Partners, before heading to a joint dinner.


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