Representatives of the University of Glasgow Visit Chance Bridge


On the morning of March 3rd, 2017, Emily Howie (Alumni Department) and Xiang Li (Alumni Department, Adam Smith Business School), of Britain's renowned University of Glasgow visited Chance Bridge Partners. During this visit, they held talks with Managing Partner Ning Zhu and Administrative Partner Xiaomin Zheng.
On behalf of the University of Glasgow, Emily Howie expressed her appreciation of Ning Zhu's achievements in the Chinese legal profession. As an outstanding Glasgow Law School alumni, Ms Zhu was the guest of honor of this visit.
Ms Zhu introduced Chance Bridge's main areas of practice, business development and future perspectives. The firm's rich international experience, professional model of development and continued exchanges with other legal professionals the world over made a lasting impression on the visitors.
Emily was particularly interested in Chance Bridge's international internship program, and expressed an intent to publicize it widely at Glasgow. The internship injects Chance Bridge with a much-needed and unique international legal perspective. It simultaneously provides those legal professionals interested in Chinese law with an opportunity to understand the Chinese legal system. Immersion in the local culture is an added boon. Chance Bridge is currently partnering with internationally-renowned institutions such as Macquarie University to provide the internship program.
Located in Britain's third-largest city and established in 1451, the eponymous University of Glasgow is a prestigious institution that ranks within the world's Top 100。

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